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Life Coach Training Courses, NLP Training Courses

Cressingham Coaching Academy is well known for providing high quality accredited Life Coach Training Courses at realistic prices. Our accreditations are from ACCPH. They are a professional body that has scrutinised our courses and accredited them against nationally recognised criteria. We have courses from Level 2 to Level 5 equivalent. We cater for those who wish to attend training at our centre in Dartford. But we also offer many training courses by home study, (distance learning).

Our flagship course is the Level 5 Flourish Coaching Programme. This goes way beyond standard life coaching methodologies. It uses information and techniques from disciplines not always used in coaching or life coach training. Previous students have said; "This is coaching on steroids" and "Why is this stuff not taught at other schools?" May be it is not taught as it would require the tutors to let go of 'Old School' thinking and learn something new!

Life Coach Training

Life Coaching courses from Level 2 to Level 5. Attendance and home study options. Many CPD courses available. All courses and CPD is accredited or validated by the professional body ACCPH.



Life Coach Training - Attendance

We specialise in the Level 5 Flourish Coaching Programme. This course is only available as attendance training. We still provide all our Level 2 - 4 courses but now they are in home study format. Some of these are provided as videos recorded during real training courses.

Richard Wain will teach the Level 4 course on a 1-2-1 basis if required. This also applies to the Level 5 Flourish Coaching Programme. 1-2-1 Life Coach training is always on weekdays. This suits many people who are unable to attend at weekends.

Life Coach Training - Home Study

We have an ever growing range of home study life coach training courses. These are delivered as pdf's or some are in video format delivered on flash drives. These range from Level 2-4. All are accredited by ACCPH. We also have validated CPD courses too. Please visit the shop to see the whole range of CPD courses.

Completing your life coach training at home allows you fit it in around your busy life schedule and is far cheaper.Many courses are in specialist niche areas. Most coaches who earn the most tend to work in a particular niche.


Flourish Coaching Programme

The Flourish Coaching Programme is an incredible form of life coaching that encompasses the very best of several braches of knowledge on what makes us happy, healthy and flourish in life. This course is for qualified coaches who need 'something more' from life coaching. It is not for everyone.

Many coaches will prefer older ways and many clients will feel the same. But some  need to move out of the 'same' and be different, have new skills and get noticed. Is that someone you?

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