1-2-1 Level 4 Life Coach Practitioner course

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The 1-2-1 Level 4 Life Coach course is an artful blend of home study, coursework and 2 days of attendance.  These can be full days or half days and spread out as required. I will always do my best to fit with you. Please be aware that these days are always Monday-Friday.

The Level 4 Life Coaching manual forms the backbone of the course. You will gain a Level 4 diploma after completing all the Tutor Marked Assessments.

Book for tutorial 1-2-1 Level 4 Life Coach
1-2-1 Level 4 Life Coach course. Personal tuition throughout the course.

 1-2-1 Level 4 Life Coach Practitioner course – What you get

Please check the Home Study Level 4 Life Coach course for full details of that course. Level 4

  • 4 days of training on video – Level 3 to study first
  • Level 4 Life Coach Practitioner:  Cressingham Coaching Academy Course manual. This contains significant amounts of material not in the Level course or on the videos
  • Other documents as pdf’s
  • 1-2-1 Attendance days, teaching and personal coaching: 14 Hours
  • Supervision and marking of your portfolio of practice case studies – 20 hours
  • Email and telephone support as required
  • You will learn the differences between advice, guidance and the implementation in coaching.
  • And how to review your thoughts and any emotions about certain situations.
  • Also, how to structure a plan for personal development – your own and a client’s
  • We focus on the personal qualities a coach needs to posses to be effective. Especially influencing a client, including confidentiality and report taking.

After completing this course you will be able to join the ACCPH as an Accredited Member. So as to have the support of a professional body behind you. And get discounted Professional Insurance.

1-2-1 Level 4 Life Coach Practitioner course – Course Element Plan

Element 1

Pre-workshop study of the DVDs.  This is a Level 3 course in its own right. You will watch all the DVDs and make notes. You need to complete the exam for the Level 3 qualification before you move onto Element 2.

Element 2

2 days of 1-2-1 personal coaching.

You will be coached to draw out your strengths. And to overcome your weaknesses. We look at further coaching techniques and tools and practice them.

These days are only booked when you are ready and are at least a month apart.

Personal home study and case studies for your portfolio of evidence. Putting the ‘meat on the bones’ of the attendance days by further study and practice.

At least 20 sessions are needed.

Completing the Tutor Marked Assessments and applying them to your case studies.

Element 3

Graduation – after completing Tutor Marked Assessments. The Level 4 Diploma is only awarded when all the work has been verified.

Please note it is not an “I have bought it so I will get it even if I do no work” course, you must complete it. The ACCPH verifies your portfolio of evidence.

There is no time limit set on this part of the course. Most people complete it in 3-6 months; some may take almost a year.

1-2-1 Level 4 Life Coach Practitioner course – Qualifications

  1. Cressingham Coaching Academy Level 4 Life Coach diploma.
  2. ACCPH Level 4 Life Coach diploma

Your Investment in a 1-2-1 Level 4 Life Coach course, £995  (Single payment)

Instalment Plan Deposit £495. Followed by 2 monthly payments of £300. Total payable £1,095.

Full payment to be complete before the final date of teaching starts.

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