1-2-1 Tuition – an introduction

1-2-1 tuition: asking me questions about coaching on line or by Skype.
1-2-1 tuition: asking me questions about coaching on line or by Skype.

1-2-1 tuition – why do people need it? There are many people who wish to train as a high quality life coach. But are unable to do courses at weekends due to work or childcare situations.

They are not able to fulfil their dreams. So need to do their life coach training during the week. This can be daytime or evening. Is their answer 1-2-1 tuition with Home Study courses? This 1-2-1 introduction to life coach training is to show there is a different way.

The benefits to 1-2-1 tuition page gives more information.

Every year I tutor 10 – 15 people to be life coaches on a 1-2-1 tuition basis. Some study the Level 4 course. The others do the Level 5 and become Licensed Flourish Coaches. Everyone completes all the training that the weekend groups get.

But; with 1-2-1 tutoring you get more – personal training. The way I teach you will be at your learning speed and style. And you have 100% personal attention from me, your tutor – Richard Wain.

1-2-1 tuition to complete the course faster 

This means these students usually complete the course faster than people a weekend course. I am coaching them along all the time so work tends to be completed quicker. Also it is frequently done to a higher level. But there is a bit more homework than the weekend courses.

The dates and times of the training are arranged with the tutor. 1-2-1 tuition sessions are only available Monday to Friday – never at the weekends.

You still have to complete all the work but you are able to progress through it faster. As with the weekend course you have 12 months to complete all the homework, coursework, etc..

There is personal tutor back up available throughout your time in training; attending the lessons and completing the coursework.

As you will understand 1-2-1 life coach training is intensive. So it is not as cheap as being in a group class.

Please check out the course pages on the menu above for full details.

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