About CCA (Cressingham Coaching Academy) by Richard Wain

You need to know about a training establishment before choosing it. It can be confusing or difficult when deciding course is best. So I have listed what I feel are the main benefits of training with us.

Why pick Cressingham Coaching Academy? – General concepts

You need to feel confident that you are receiving quality training. All our courses are accredited or validated by a professional body – ACCPH and recognised by a leading insurance company.

We operate our own discounted insurance schemes which is available to all graduates. However; many people do not take out insurance. (Not recommended).

Attendance Courses

All Cressingham Coaching Academy workshops are validated
The Flourish Coaching Programme at Cressingham Coaching Academy

The office is a few minutes from the M25 Dartford Crossing and is easy to get to. The Dartford train station is 1 minute away. Our office is at the end of Station Approach. There is a multi-storey car park across the road. You do not have to wander about Dartford to find parking. There are other sites just up the road where parking is FREE on Sundays.

I am mindful that people on courses are changing careers or looking to earn a second income. So their investment is important to them. You may be staying in a local B&B or hotel or commuting every day, adding to your costs. So we pride ourselves on offering value for money.

Being a relatively small enterprise as a great advantage. It means there is far greater control about how the courses operate. They are revised regularly. Being small also allows me to keep the number of delegates lower – usually no more than 12 per course. This enables the trainers to develop a real and tangible rapport with each individual. The effect of this is noticeable as each person is more at ease. They learn more and have a greater sense of enjoyment throughout the course. You can be confident that with us you will receive some of the finest training available. We strive to maintain a very high standard.

We are not the Number 1 training company – so we try harder.

Attendance Training

I believe that a ‘hands on’ and experiential approach is essential to efficient learning. All students will be involved in activities during their training. You will be coached by and coach your peers.

Live training is at the core of our Level 5 Flourish Coaching Programme. Every day’s training has a balance of theory and practice. Some days may be more theory, others more experiential work. There is always a caring and safe environment to develop the new techniques you have learned that day. CCA is all about safe practical experience.

Personal Coaching and Mentoring

You will be coached and mentored throughout your time with Cressingham Coaching Academy. You can ask as many questions as you wish. To get the help you need to overcome any personal challenges along your journey. Personalised mentoring ensures that you are able achieve your individual outcomes from the course.

Live Peer and Supervised External Practice

Peer practice
You will have lots of supervised practice sessions on your course, individually in pairs or groups.

The full programmes are across several months. Thereby giving you plenty of time to practice your coaching skills to the level required. All programmes have a prescribed amount of live practice time. Some of this will be in the classroom the rest will be as supervised practice between modules. You will be able to gain the confidence in your ability and skills to set up and practice for real. Yet again I will state; CCA is all about safe practical experience.

Continual Assessment

The criteria and the methods of continual assessment vary for each programme. You are assessed on your knowledge of the topics studied and your ability to use the skills. Some may require you to complete work away from the college and submit it for assessment. This gives you confidence that you have mastered the skills to the required level to go into practice.


What does CCA Do?

The primary driver of the Cressingham Coaching Academy is;

To provide some of best Life, NLP and other coaching courses available in the UK today. We are close to this but are never totally happy as we can always improve a little more.

Our secondary driver is: value for money – to be affordable for those setting off in their new career.

Someone is always available to help you and supervise your coaching or NLP after you have graduated. We support coaches long after they have qualified and are practicing in the real world. CCA will endeavour to instil our passion, spirit and enthusiasm into every individual we train.

CCA is about focusing on a nucleus of leading-edge life coaching and NLP courses that are in many ways unique. Each developed from the real life experiences of Richard Wain, (Cressingham Coaching Academy).

Many other schools appear to ‘churn out’ the same old stuff year in year out – they hardly ever change the content. At Cressingham Coaching Academy the course varies every time. Coaching is about change, so we update courses all the time. This can take you to the highest levels of personal work with your clients.


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