Accreditation is it required?

When you book on a course you need to feel that it is legitimate and you are paying for true value for money. At Cressingham Coaching Academy I believe that there is a need to have accreditation. Not for one but for all the courses. You will want to know if the training organisation is ‘regulated’ by a governing body.

ACCPH gives accreditation to this course
All Cressingham Coaching Academy courses have full accreditation

Currently, in the UK there is no federal regulatory body for coaching or NLP. This does not mean that there are no controls in place. On the face of it this sounds quite appalling but is not all ‘doom and gloom’.

There are self-regulating coaching and NLP bodies and institutes in place. These have are created by coaches and NLP practitioners who have high standards of competence. And expect others to follow suit. There are several these that are UK based and others are international in scope. (International does not mean it is any better than a UK based one).

We are proud to be a full Organisational member of ACCPH. On completion of our courses you may join ACCPH.

There are National Occupational Standards which Cressingham Coaching Academy teaches to.

Coaching and NLP trainers do not have to be affiliated with any of these. But it is a fantastic safeguard for the students who know they are going to receive training of a high standard. Due to a body accrediting the course they are buying.

After qualifying with a home study course you will be able to join the ACCPH as a Member. With an attendance diploma you will be an Accredited Member.

There are various grades of membership so it’s up to the graduate to join at the grade suitable for them.

You will be able to join another professional body with our Life Coaching qualifications. This is the APCTC Association of Professional Coaches, Trainers and Consultants.


Richard Wain owner of Cressingham Coaching Academy has the following:

UK Provider Reference Number (UKPRN): 10082292.


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