Training as a Life Coach

So who undertakes training as a Life Coach? How long is a piece of string? The answer is so variable to both of these questions they are almost impossible to answer. At Cressingham Coaching Academy we have many people who want to train as a coach. We have trained people as diverse as:

  • nurses to out of work butchers
  • ‘stay-at-home-mums’ to ex-firefighters
  • teachers to dustmen
  • business owners to taxi drivers
  • HR staff to an ex-fashion model

and many, many other occupations.

However; all people who do training as a life coach have some things in common:

Training as a life coach is easy at Cressingham Coaching Academy
Anyone in this crowd could be training as a coach
  • Using their time and effort to learn skills to help others
  • Meeting and working with a variety of people
  • Embarking on a huge personal journey of self-development – reaching their full potential
  • Helping others to reach their ultimate potential

Others wanted to:

  • Be self-employed and have control over the time they work and how much they earn
  • Run their own business from home
  • Use coaching in a wider business plan – another financial ‘string to the bow’
  • Wanted to coach in a variety of areas – businesses or individual coachees

Some did their training as a life coach because they wanted to add coaching skills to their ‘toolkit’. To enhance their performance at work either as an individual or as a coach to other workers/staff. Sometimes these people make up a significant proportion of a group of students.

Their main aims are summarised below:

  • To develop their own leadership potential so enhancing promotion chances
  • To act in a supportive role to new management or other staff members
  • To explore, implement and improve customer service and sales performance
  • Manage effective skills development
  • To manage conflict, increase co-operation, reduce staff turbulence – decreasing staff loses
  • Improve communication between individuals, teams and whole departments

WARNING! Do not do training as a coach if making money fast is your main motivation.

Please think again.

Do not be drawn into coaching because it seems like an easy way to generate a large income fast. Coaching can give you a good standard of living once you are up and running – but this does not happen overnight.

Many coaches may seem well paid by the hour and some certainly are. But; a coaching business is much more than just ‘doing’ the coaching. Bear in mind you have to get the clients in by networking, meetings, marketing/promotion. Also all the administration like book-keeping, tax, VAT is down to you. These do not earn you a penny, they cost you time and money especially if you get someone else to do them for you. You will spend many more hours not coaching than coaching to begin with. It can be hard work bringing in new business and keeping everything in order.

If money is your only motivation, you will be disappointed in the short term. Disliking or being ‘fed-up’ with your present day job is not a good reason to be a coach. You could end up not enjoying the ‘backroom’ work of running a coaching practice.


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