Who uses a Life Coach?

Who uses a Life Coach? The answer is quite easy; anyone! Anyone can hire a coach if they need to.

When times are hard during a recession people often turn to others for help. That help is often a coach. If my personal experience is the same around the country there is an increase in work for coaches. My personal work is up more than the last couple of years than in the past ten. It is growing for a particular reason: good coaching gets great results.

If we accept that there is an expanding market for coaches. And that there are many different areas in which you can practise. There should be scope for you to make a reasonable living in this field. Most coaches are self-employed in a private practice, either full or part-time. Some work within an organisation. Either as a full time paid coach or as part of their work developing or managing staff on a retainer.

Who uses a Life Coach? – why people hire coaches

uses for coaches trained at cressingham coaching academy
A coach can have many uses to people with difficulties make sure you are the one they hire

There are two basic markets for coaches. Personal Coaching and Business Coaching as described above.

Businesses understand about coaching and use it to develop their managers and other staff. The requirements of each business will vary. So they will find the right coach for their particular needs.

In the world of life/personal coaching, people know they want to change. But usually do not know that a coach could help.

People hire a coach for one thing: positive change.

  • People want their life to change for the better
  • They may need to focus on building a career or changing to one that interests them
  • People may need motivation to lose weight or get fit
  • They may have relationship issues
  • They may desire to change how or what they feel they want to be happy, satisfied and loved
  • Some people have social problems and lack confidence around others

This list is a scratch on the surface. There are so many other situations in which coaching can positively change lives.

Within a business situation there are just as many reasons for change:

  • Increasing profitability or market share
  • Reducing staff turbulence, preparing staff for promotion or management
  • Developing leadership or team management skills
  • Change management, new skills development using them in practice
  • Team building and motivation or increasing individual performance within a group
  • Sales, customer service, operations and logistic, human resources, etc

When it comes down to the ‘nitty-gritty’ people do not want the coaching itself. They need the results; the incredibly positive results that the coaching process achieves.

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