Home Study Courses – General Information

Cressingham Coaching Academy offers a range of accredited home study courses. They fall into three main categories:

  1. Fully accredited video courses*
  2. Fully accredited text based courses, (written courses)*
  3. Validated short courses for CPD
Home study is easy and tits round your time schedule
You do not have to be at home to do a home study course

*All of these home study courses are accredited by ACCPH and are valid to join the ACCPH as a Member. You can also get discounted Professional Liability Insurance through them.

Over time the range of home study courses will be added to. These may be validated by ACCPH. Some courses we produce may be outside their remit so may be validated by another body.

Our courses will revolve round coaching but some may be on topics that life coaches may use in their work but may not be directly about life coaching. these may be about approaches used in counselling or psychotherapy that can be used in life coaching to enhance its effectiveness. Many will be written from a ‘for knowledge ‘ or ‘an awareness’ basis. This format gives the coach the chance to gain the information and then apply it in their own unique way.

Many coaches buy these full home study courses and pass the assessments. This allows them to set up in another area of coaching and become a specialist. With a qualification to back them up, they enter into the very profitable arena of niching. people like to go and see an expert, not a generalist. A bit like you go to see a G.P. when you have a problem. But the G.P. will then refer you to a specialist as they know more about your problem. Who would rather get help from?

Some will be about running a successful coaching business or different niche markets. These will usually be shorter than full courses.

We offer discounts on multiple purchases. These options can be found within the SHOP.

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