Other Home Study Courses

Cressingham Coaching Academy offers a range of other home study courses. These are all accredited and are mainly provided in written format. You will use the materials while you are studying and after graduating for inspiration or reference. These are all fully accredited by ACCPH from Level 2-4. They are are valid qualifications that allow you to join the ACCPH as a Member. You can also get discounted Professional Liability Insurance through them.

There is a core of other home study courses in life coaching and other types of coaching for you to study.

All of our text based courses are delivered as pdf’s.

Other home study courses in pdf format for easy delivery
Other home study courses. You can study then anywhere. They come on a flash drive for ease of use or as pdfs

Over time the range of other home study courses has grow and will continue to do so. This will include CPD training as well. These may be validated by ACCPH. Some course we produce may be outside their remit so may be validated by another body.

There are many other courses in the shop area not listed here. Please take a look at those. New ones are added every week or two.

These other home study courses will revolve round all types of personal or business coaching. But some may be on topics that life coaches may use in their work but may not be directly about life coaching. These may be about approaches used in counselling or psychotherapy. Much of which can be used in life coaching to enhance its effectiveness.

There are life coach courses built round CBT and Gestalt approaches. There are also NLP Coaching courses. At Cressingham Coaching Academy we believe that coaches should expand their knowledge. And the coaching horizons as well. That is why we offer course bundles at very discounted prices. These are available through the SHOP only. They are not displayed here.

Other Written Home Study Courses

Some written home study courses will be about running a successful coaching business or different niche markets. These will usually be shorter than full courses and may be found in the CPD section.

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