Attendance Courses

At present there is only 2 courses in Attendance Courses. They are the 1-2-1 Level 4 Life Coach Practitioner and the Flourish Coaching Programme.

Level 5 Flourish Coaching Programme 

With this Level 5 Flourish Coaching Programme course you will become a Licensed Flourish Coach.

This form of coaching will set you well above the average competition. Very few coaches ever learn anything other than the same old basic stuff. This programme will allow you to work in areas they shy away from. You can niche yourself like most coaches can only dream of. And get the premium fees you deserve.

Stand out from the crowd. Do not be one of the ‘poor self-employed’.

To attend the Flourish Coaching Programme you need to be a qualified life coach. (You can purchase our Level 4 Life Coach course along with this one. You must complete it before attending the Flourish training).

You will be ‘worked on’ during the Flourish Coaching Programme techniques from day one. If you are going to be a Licensed Flourish Coach you will need to flourish as a person first.

Fully accredited by ACCPH. It allows you join as Senior Accredited Member.

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