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Level 3  NLP Practitioner Course (Home Study)

ACCPH does not accredit many NLP Practitioner courses. But due to the nature of this course, based on coaching and ‘therapeutic’ goals, it made an exception. This is an NLP Practitioner course not a coaching course but all the information is used in coaching.

They have accredited this course as Level 3. Visit ACCPH

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NLP Practitioner Course on video for home study

This set consists of 12 videos of live training sessions with Richard. Along with course texts and BONUS materials. This was all recorded live during an original NLP Practitioners training course*.

Nothing is missing, you get the whole NLP Practitioner course. The only part not included are the practice sessions of the attendees. (As these contain private details, etc.).

The final video is of useful techniques from other courses.

NLP Practitioners usually earn over £75 per hour.


You will receive;

  • 12 videos of live training sessions with Richard – Videos are in mp4 format which will play on all computers. Provided on a Flash Drive
  • course manual containing over 160 pages as a pdf
  • an NLP textbook as a pdf
  • many NLP pdf’s and Word documents

BONUS: As well as all the course materials you will get a ready-made NLP course you can deliver. E.g. to companies for hundreds of pounds a day. Many companies employ NLP coaches to boost productivity. Or they want to know how to use NLP so they can work with the techniques in house.

I used to deliver this course for £995 a day.


You will receive the following:

  • Level 3 NLP Practitioner Diploma from Cressingham Coaching Academy
  • Level 3 NLP Practitioner Diploma from ACCPH

NLP Practitioner Course Content

You will learn many things on the course the main ones are below, but there is much more!


  • Learn powerful ways to get on the same wavelength as other people. And build even more productive and fruitful relationships.
  • A necessity for those involved in therapy, management, teaching, training, coaching and counselling.

Representational Systems

  • Learn how you and others represent the world through the five senses. (VAKOG)
  • Learn how to mirror/match another person’s preferred system. Then create a deeper sense of empathy and understanding.
  • For those involved in communicating ideas to a team or individual this very powerful.

Well Formed Outcomes

  • Ask simple but powerful questions. These will ‘force’ your colleagues or clients to focus on their tasks or objectives.

Language and Influence

  • Learn to use language with awareness, elegance and precision.
  • Develop powerful ways to overcome problems. Or gain agreement from an objector within minutes by negotiating a solution.
  • Learn language patterns that allow you to lead and motivate others.
  • Ask specific questions that get to the root of any problem.

Taking control of your thoughts, emotions and behaviours.

  • Create powerful mental resource states to maximise your own and others performance.
  • Discover your brain’s programming language. Then use it to change unwanted habits, beliefs and behaviours.
  • Remove Stress and influence others to do likewise.


  • Understand the process of belief change and practice on yourself.
  • Drop self-limiting beliefs and replace them with new empowering ones.
  • Learn how to set goals for yourself and others in a way that makes consistent action on any given problem. This is useful in roles such as management, coaching and therapy. And if you run your own business. It is incredibly useful in your personal life too.

You will also learn many other things on this course that will  enhance your life. And the lives of those around you.

Full details are available on the NLP Practitioner page

* All courses are tailored to the people that are on it. So it will vary slightly from the content advertised on our website.


Method of Study

The course comes to you as a complete pdf-based manual with DVD’s of 4 days of previous live training. There are other written materials too.

Method of Assessment

There is an exam with this NLP Practitioner course. Answer the questions, complete the practical aspects and send the papers by email for marking. So long as you have completed the questions you will receive a Diploma. This is an NLP Practitioner qualification.

You will need to gain the Level 3 diploma to join ACCPH as a Member.

Your investment

4 days of recorded live training delivered on videos is only £95


ACCPH Accredited course

At the end of this Level 3 NLP Practitioner course successful learners will receive a Diploma from Cressingham Coaching Academy.

Cressingham Coaching Academy has undergone a quality check to ensure that they and the courses/programmes offered, meet specific quality criteria as required by ACCPH. The learning outcomes of the course have been benchmarked at Level 3 against descriptors published by OFQUAL,  ODLQC and other organisations to indicate the depth of study and level of difficulty involved in successful completion by the learner.

The completion of this course does not lead to an OFQUAL, ODLQC qualification. The course itself has been created by Cressingham Coaching Academy to meet the specific requirements of their students.  

ACCPHs’ accreditation involves a robust and rigorous quality audit by their inspectors to ensure the minimum quality is met at all times.  A regular review of Cressingham Coaching Academy and their courses is carried out as part of the endorsement process. 

ACCPH provides accreditation to a ‘qualification’ and gives recognition to a providers bespoke programmes, (training/courses) that fall outside the Qualification and Credit Framework (QCF).

ACCPH will provide an ‘award’ of a certificate of completion.

ACCPH provides this service to a wide variety of training providers for their courses as there is no provision listed on the Register of Regulated Qualifications .


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