Level 5 Flourish Programme hypnotherapy training

Level 5 Flourish Coaching Programme 

With this Level 5 Flourish Coaching Programme course you will become a Licensed Flourish Coach.

This form of coaching will set you well above the average competition. Very few coaches ever learn anything other than the same old basic stuff. This programme will allow you to work in areas they shy away from. You can niche yourself like most coaches can only dream of. And get the premium fees you deserve.

Stand out from the crowd. Do not be one of the ‘poor self-employed’.

To attend the Flourish Coaching Programme you need to be a qualified life coach. (You can purchase our Level 4 Life Coach course along with this one. You must complete it before attending the Flourish training).

You will be ‘worked on’ during the Flourish Coaching Programme techniques from day one. If you are going to be a Licensed Flourish Coach you will need to flourish as a person first.

Fully accredited by ACCPH. It allows you join as Senior Accredited Member. (Full details at end of this page).

Level 5 flourish coaching programme
Become a Licensed Flourish Coach at Cressingham Coaching Academy





You will need to:

  • let go of all your personal baggage and mind-clutter and become free
  • let go of limiting beliefs and redundant concepts of how therapy should take ‘forever’
  • develop an ability to work intuitively within the Flourish Coaching Programme concepts
  • develop a sense of who you are, your purpose and a dose of spiritual awareness
  • have the confidence and motivation to complete the programme
  • create total belief in yourself as an advanced, confident and competent coach
  • believe that your business will flourish too
  • be able to work with people with serious issues, with empathy and patience

If you feel you can’t do any of the above – why? We can all do it we were born to be successful. Much of the above will happen on this programme, within a few days. Even during those first few days when we are learning the basics, you will undergo guided imagery and metaphor work. And some of the higher concepts are used to free your mind and body of clutter.


What is the Flourish Coaching Programme?

It uses Life Coaching at its core. But takes aspects of Positive Psychology, Neuropsychology, Evolutionary Psychology, Applied Kinesiology, Metaphors, Guided Imagery, Quantum concepts and psychosomatic methodologies. It creates an incredibly powerful way to change and run your life and help others.

To gain this qualification you must complete:

  • all the attendance days
  • homework
  • some independent research
  • a minimum 20 sessions of practice on real clients

When all of that is in place you will become a Licensed Flourish Coach

You will receive the following diplomas and licence

  • Level 5 Integrated Life Coach and Positive Psychology Diploma – from ACCPH
  • Level 5 Flourish Life Coaching Diploma – from Cressingham Academy of Coaching
  • Licensed Flourish Coach certificatefrom Cressingham Academy of Coaching

The programme has two phases.

Phase 1: Problem Removal

This is where you will learn how to work with clients in the following areas:

  • Addictions – smoking, alcohol, weed, cocaine, gambling, porn, etc.
  • Hypertension, Stress and Anger Management
  • Help and support for those with cancer and chronic degenerative illnesses
  • Fertility anxiety
  • Birth anxiety and (pain management)
  • Diet control for diabetes
  • OCD and Extreme anxiety
  • PTSD
  • Some Eating disorders
  • Severe psychosomatic problems
  • Trauma, rape and abuse
  • Self harming
  • Sports Performance
  • Business performance
  • Finding the Self
  • Find Life’s purpose
  • Developing Spirituality
  • Psychoneuroimmunology – boosting health and immunological factors
  • and many other areas


Phase 2: The Life-builder and Support sessions

Phase 2 of the Flourish Coaching Programme is about additional support to help your clients rebuild their lives. This part of the Flourish Coaching Programme is optional to the client. Yes, you read it correctly – optional. Many people who have undergone Phase 1 have dissociated from their problem. They are suffering no symptoms at all – forever. This means they are able to get out there and enjoy life again. Yet; there are a significant number of people who have lost the confidence to ‘get out there’ again. They need extra support. These people are usually serious addicts, suffered from PTSD or abuse/rape victims. This is where Phase 2 swings into action.

The Flourish Coaching Programme is not just about getting rid of something – it is also used to put things in as well. There are specific exercises that allow people to gain confidence, become more social and trusting. They can build safe relationships and look for work again, etc. It is irresponsible to help someone let go and move on; then not support them if they need help to re-build their former life.


Why the Flourish Coaching Programme works so well

The Levels 5 Flourish Coaching Programme is a whole mind-body experience. We cannot work just in the mind using out of date coaching and psychological ideas. Many of these do not work well. You will learn real proven ways of helping people to change in seconds. Many people can change in a single session. Yes; you read that correctly. With these techniques most people for most problems can be ‘sorted’ in just a few session. These sessions are premium price so you do not have to see many clients a week to make a good living.

The Level 5 Flourish Coaching Programme can be used totally content free. You actually don’t need to know the problem you are dealing with! I know, that sound crazy. But, it is that powerful. Most of this work is eyes wide open and making massive changes very quickly. (Sometime clients may close their eyes during metaphor work). It is in some way similar to trance-less ‘hypnosis’. Several sessions of ‘old style’ life coaching may be completed in minutes. I will say that again. “Several sessions of ‘old style’ life coaching may be completed in minutes”. The effects are dramatic and permanent.

To see how I use this incredible therapy please visit richardwain.com 

The course runs over 10 days usually a week or month apart. You have a full 12 months to complete all the homework and client sessions.


There is NO FINAL WRITTEN EXAM to sit at the end of the course. You are assessed throughout by direct observation of your performance during the attendance days and through your homework answers and recordings. You will have to complete practice sessions at home and provide these for marking. One of these must be a complete set of coaching session with a practice client.

You will be given feedback throughout the course. If you are having problems they will be discussed with you – we want you to pass. You must complete all elements of the course before any diplomas are awarded.

You will not get your qualification until all coursework is completed to the required standard. The time limit on this course is 12 months but do not use this as an excuse to not complete homework and assessments. Once you get behind it becomes more difficult to complete the work required.

You will need to produce a portfolio of your assessment recordings, scripts and question answers. This will need to be retained for possible moderation by a representative of ACCPH who may wish to see your work.


Course dates and times: 

As this now taught on a 1-2-1 basis dates and times are set at the time of booking



Your Investment:

Level 5 Flourish Programme  £1,995   

Instalment Plan – Arrangements are made on an individual basis with each student.

Please email or call Richard wain on 01322 401388 for further information.

Course Accreditation by ACCPH

At the end of this combined course successful learners will receive a Diploma from Cressingham Coaching Academy.

Cressingham Coaching Academy has undergone a quality check to ensure that they and the courses/programmes offered, meet specific quality criteria as required by ACCPH. The learning outcomes of the course have been benchmarked at Level 5 against descriptors published by OFQUAL,  ODLQC and other organisations to indicate the depth of study and level of difficulty involved in successful completion by the learner.

The completion of this course does not lead to an OFQUAL, ODLQC qualification. The course itself has been created by Cressingham Coaching Academy to meet the specific requirements of their students.  

ACCPHs’ accreditation involves a robust and rigorous quality audit by their inspectors to ensure the minimum quality is met at all times.  A regular review of Cressingham Coaching Academy and their courses is carried out as part of the endorsement process. 

ACCPH provides accreditation to a ‘qualification’ and gives recognition to a providers bespoke programmes, (training/courses) that fall outside the Qualification and Credit Framework (QCF).

ACCPH will provide an ‘award’ of a certificate of completion.

ACCPH provides this service to a wide variety of training providers for their courses as there is no provision listed on the Register of Regulated Qualifications .


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